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From now on, iBabs is not just your favorite meeting tool that compiles your meeting agenda and documents.

You can now also have video meetings directly inside iBabs.

So instead of using Teams, Zoom or Webex, you can click a button inside iBabs and instantly connect to a virtual meeting room.

  • No extra software necessary
  • Works on any device (tablet, mobile and desktop)
  • Highly secure video connection

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"How much does iBabs Connect cost?"

You can use iBabs Connect for free. Simple and fair.  

"How can we start using it?"

The only thing you have to do to try iBabs Connect is filling out the form above. Once we've received your request, our support team will activate iBabs Connect for you and your organisation within 48 hours. 

"Does our IT department need to approve this first?"

Your IT department has already approved iBabs. So there shouldn't be a need for extra approval, since iBabs Connect runs entirely inside the iBabs ecosystem from our own secure servers.

"Is iBabs Connect more secure than Zoom, Webex of Teams?"

The benefit of using iBabs Connect is that you can have your virtual meetings inside one environment. You don't have to switch between applications to check the agenda or supporting documents. And we're keeping your video connection secure from the same local servers that the rest of the iBabs product runs on.