Board Meeting Templates Kit

Meeting minutes, meeting agenda, board resolution, and more templates to use in your meetings


Download our free meeting template kit and get ready-to-use PDF, Word and Excel files.

What is included?

  • Meeting minutes template
  • Meeting action item template
  • Annual operational plan template
  • Board resolution template
  • Board member agreement template
  • Robert's Rules of Order formal minutes template
  • Robert's Rules of Order basic minutes template
  • And more...

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Inside the Template Kit: Tools Tailored for Excellence

Dive into a variety of templates designed to equip you with everything you need to elevate your meetings, from preparation to follow-up.


Formal Meeting Minutes Template

  • Ensure comprehensive documentation: Capture every essential detail from attendees to adjournment.
  • Facilitate effective decision making: Log all motions together with the voting outcomes clearly.
  • Streamline meeting reviews: Review past meeting outcomes in a standardised format.

Meeting Action Item Template

  • Ensure thorough follow up: Track every action item identified during meetings.
  • Assign responsibilities: Detail action items with specific assignees and priorities.
  • Track progress: Monitor the status and due dates of each action item.

Annual Operational Plan Template

  • Set clear objectives: Define goals with responsible parties and deadlines.
  • Monitor progress: Track the performance of each objective through key performance indicators and statuses.
  • Plan and adapt: Outline hiring plans and next steps, allowing for agile response to risks and changes.

Meeting agenda, Robert Rules of Order-formatted minutes, board resolution sample...
Uncover more templates for efficient meetings in our template kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of meetings benefit from these templates?

The templates in this kit are designed for both formal meetings such as board meetings and committee meetings, but these templates can also be used in informal meetings that take place each day in your organisation.

Is the Template Kit suitable for online or hybrid meetings?

Yes, our templates are designed for both in-person and virtual meetings, including a variety of formats for you to share conveniently with meeting attendees.

What templates are included in the Meeting Template Kit?

Our Meeting Template Kit includes meeting agendas, meeting minutes, action item trackers, board resolution samples, and more.

Can the templates be customized to fit my specific organisation’s needs?

Yes, the templates are shared in multiple formats, allowing you to adapt and change them according to your organisation’s specific requirements and brand guidelines.

In what formats are the templates available?

The templates are available in Word, PDF, and Excel formats, allowing for easy customisation and use across different platforms and preferences.

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